• Stop Youth Living Violence in America - Company Message

Cynthia Nunn is the CEO/Founder of  S.Y.L.V.I.A.-N.U.N.N. A.N.G.E.L.S, a non pro-fit  organization  servicing the Youth, Children, Homeless, and Needy Families.
Her life is surrounded by children and young adults; for the past 10-yearsshe have had the pleasure of owning and operating a  Child Care Facility where she have opened her home and heart to several foster children of all ages. In addition, to loving children she is the proud owner of  'A Lil Taste of Louisiana Soul Food', where she provide meals.Cynthia Nunn is the assistant director of Compton Sounders Drill Team, a life-time mom as well as 'The neighborhood mom'. 
Cynthia Nunn grew up watching her Mother help so many youth, young children, and adults; she knew she wanted to continue her legacy. With the blessings of the Good Lord, she decided to dedicate her life to helping the youth, young children, and adults by starting a Non-Profit Organization.
After deciding to begin such an organization, she decided that she would carry on the legacy of a very beautiful woman; her sister 'Sylvia Nunn', by naming the organization "SYLVIA NUNN-ANGELES". Sylvia’s strength and dedication is a legacy of inspiration, growth, sincerity, confidence, change, opportunity, and determination. All of which we plan to instill within those that we help.

Dee Dee Nunn is the CFO of Sylvia Nunn Angels, an educator, a mother, a wife, and a mentor.
DeeDee Nunn is an inspiring woman seeking change within our communities, and a believer who believes we have the power of unity.  Also, a believer who believes that those who inspire are those making a difference, and a believer who believes we have a unique ability to care, share and make our communities a much better place.

Chyna Sallier established October 19, 1979. Born and raised in Compton, California. She is the Secretary of Sylvia Nunn Angels non-profit organization. Chyna Sallier is also the CEO of Queen C's Publishing and the Publisher/Author of her Urban short story "Hood Girlz." As a teenager, Chyna discovered her God gifted talent in writing; it started from her writing her feelings on note pads, which led to writing raps and poems. Now she is Writing and Publishing books. She is creating Real Urban/Erotic Street Novels, Short Stories, and Poems.  
  She has no intentions on stopping at "Hood Girlz” Her love for Literature has driven her to persevere through life's challenges and meet her goal of writing and Publishing a multitude of artistic expressions.
    As a devoted wife, loving mother, nurse, author, entrepreneur,  student, and hairstylist, she manages to wear all hats successfully. Chyna is a strong Black Woman that loves to empower and encourage women through her positive influences. She is a role model for our youth living the lifestyles that she writes about, she encourages youth in the hood not to settle for less. One of her philosophies is that; even though you go through struggles in life, don't give up; push to be your best in anything you put your mind to.